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Feast of the Holy Trinity-Celebration

On Trinity Sunday, our parish members will remember and honor the faithful belief of OUR eternal God, consisting of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Trinity Sunday. ✝✝✝ The Athanasian Creed, named after St Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria, is recited at Mountainside Lutheran Church on Trinity Sunday because of its  affirmation of the Triune nature… Read more

Daily Walk

Angus Dei- “I want to Walk as a Child of the Light” I want to walk as child of the light: I want to follow Jesus; God set the stars to give light to the world; The star of my life is Jesus! In Him there is no darkness at all; The night and the… Read more

Join us each Sunday at Mountainside. Adult and Children Sunday School are offered.

Adult Sunday School is offered after our worship service. The lesson begins at 10:45 am in the summer season. Snacks are offered. Lessons offered by Pastor Bryan. Children’s Sunday School At Mountainside Lutheran Church we offer Sunday School for children in order to create a Biblical foundation for lifelong learning. Using the “Growing in Christ”… Read more

Mission Statement

Our Mission: It is the Mission of Mountainside Lutheran Church to give Glory to God through our Worship and by helping people understand and respond to the Gospel. Mountainside Lutheran Church Jesus went up on a mountainside –  to teach – Matt 5, the Sermon on the Mount  to feed – John 6,… Read more

What’s so special about Sunday?

(The following is from Rev. Bart Day, Executive Director, LCMS Office of National Mission, in a 04/21/15 email to LCMS congregations.) Sunday is not a Christian Sabbath nor is it an attempt to historicize the past. Rather, Sunday is the day symbolic of the continued presence of the risen Christ who remains active in our… Read more