Mission Statement

Our Mission:
It is the Mission of Mountainside Lutheran Church
to give Glory to God through our Worship
and by helping people understand and respond to the Gospel.

Mountainside Lutheran Church
Jesus went up on a mountainside –
 to teach – Matt 5, the Sermon on the Mount
 to feed – John 6, the feeding of the 5,000
 to heal – Matt 15:29-31
 to pray – Luke 6:12
 to call others & send them out – Mark 3:13-15

We welcome all neighbors, from near and far, to join us in:

• Learning at the feet of Jesus, as He speaks His Living Word;
• Feasting on the Body & Blood of Jesus in Holy Communion;
• Receiving the healing of mind, body, and spirit from Christ;
• Praying together as the Holy Spirit leads us;
• Serving others with the Good News & compassion of Jesus!

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