Pastor Schroeder-message for Hope Exodus 14:14

The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.”

I have served most of my ministry in cross-cultural settings. My first Call out of the seminary was to serve in Papua New Guinea as an evangelistic missionary. A very interesting aspect of the Enga people whom I first served was their greeting to each other when passing. Instead of the Western form of greeting such as, “How are you?”, they would greet each other with an inquiry about which tribe they belonged to. That difference is significant.

The Enga people were more interested in who you belong to than in what you do. That is unfathomable for us in the West. We define ourselves by what we do. Who we belong to is of minimal importance. “Show me results of the efforts of your life,” that is what counts most in the West.

But between the day that Jesus rose from the dead and his ascension, the Lord’s focus was not on what the disciples could do for him, but rather on who they belonged to. They were his chosen disciples. Because of that, he chose to appear to them.  As far as we can tell from Scripture, all they did was wait around for him to act. To be sure, eventually the Lord had work for them to do. They were commanded to be his witnesses. But there was a season of time when God wanted them just to be still and appreciate that they were chosen by him and that he was acting on their behalf.

Maybe that is helpful for you. In this locked-down season, perhaps the Lord is calling you just to be still. Perhaps he wants you to allow him to work his majestic work in our world while you just watch. That should be no surprise. After all, when it came time for him to pay the price for your sin and your redemption, he took the whole responsibility upon himself and insisted that you just to watch.

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