Tulips In Bloom-Don’t Rush by them Too quickly …Easter thoughts.




A Tulip in Bloom🌷🌷🌷
It is just a tulip in bloom

        Declaring Springs arrival to the world

It’s colors painted by a divine hand

        That gift it with a singular beauty


This tulip is remarkable however

        Because of where it is blooming

It is in the middle of a weed compost pile

        In our back yard


It was not planted there on purpose

Yet it stands boldly on its own

Erupting out of the decaying mess

        That its roots are embedded in


In its own way, it is a fitting symbol for Easter

        When all seemed hopeless 21 centuries ago

People’s hearts ruled by a selfish thirst

        That corrupted everything


The resurrected Christ

        Brought new life and hope

Through a grand surprise

        No one could have imagined


His presence yet offers a hopeful joy

        To a world still mired in decay

When we despair of what is

        Christ yet offers us a living presence


Christians are not wishful thinkers

        Convinced of something beyond the obvious

We simply live and die believing

        That God’s love for us brings hopeful courage


Like the tulip in our back yard

        We are called to live out Easter’s promise

Through words and actions

        Of compassionate mercy


In so doing. we help others to know Gods love

        And the landscape of the world around us

Bringing  new life out of old death

        Which is what Jesus had in mind


A devotion by Rev. Donald Schaefer


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