Mission Statement

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Our Mission:
It is the Mission of Mountainside Lutheran Church to give Glory to God through our Worship and by helping people understand and respond to the Gospel.

Mountainside Lutheran Church
Jesus went up on a mountainside –
◊ to teach – Matt 5, the Sermon on the Mount
◊ to feed – John 6, the feeding of the 5,000
◊ to heal – Matt 15:29-31
◊ to pray – Luke 6:12
◊ to call others & send them out – Mark 3:13-15

We welcome all neighbors, from near and far, to join us in:

• Learning at the feet of Jesus, as He speaks His Living Word;
• Feasting on the Body & Blood of Jesus in Holy Communion;
• Receiving the healing of mind, body, and spirit from Christ;
• Praying together as the Holy Spirit leads us;
• Serving others with the Good News & compassion of Jesus!

We believe and teach the historic Christian Faith

GOD is triune, that is, one God in three Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

The BIBLE is God’s inspired word through which He reveals the truth of life and salvation to all people of all times and in all places.

SIN is the self-centered rather than God-centered will with which all people are born. This self-centeredness results in willful disregard for and rebellion against God’s will and wisdom. In ways both large and small, all people sin and thus break relationship with God. This broken relationship is at the heart of all human fear, hatred, and despair; it is the cause of God’s just and eternal condemnation of us all. And we are powerless to mend this relationship by our own efforts.

GRACE is God’s loving concern and desire for sinful humankind. In His deep and passionate love, He sent His divine and eternal Son to become a human being in the person of Jesus who was born of the virgin Mary. As our substitute, Jesus lived a life of perfect obedience to God, suffered the consequences of our sin by His death on the cross, and broke the power of death by His resurrection from the dead.

FAITH is a person’s acknowledgment that he/she in no way deserves and can do nothing to earn God’s favor. However, through faith (that is, simply trusting God’s promise of grace), God credits Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection to that person. Thus the believer’s relationship with God is fully restored, his/her sins are forgiven, and he/she will, at Christ’s return on the Last Day, be raised bodily from the grave to live with God forever.

GOOD WORKS are neither necessary nor effective for salvation. Rather they are the believer’s thankful response to God who has already saved him/her by His grace.

The HOLY SPIRIT is at work in all believers. Through the Word of God, the Spirit guides and teaches them, enabling and motivating them to grow in faith and in love for God and neighbor.

The CHURCH is the fellowship of the faithful, the “body of Christ” as St. Paul calls it. It is God’s will that every believer be a participating member (insofar as he/she is physically able) of a Christian congregation, for this is where one’s faith is nourished through the Word of God and the Sacraments … where one both receives from and gives to other believers strength and encouragement … where one joins with others in service and witness to the world.

Through the SACRAMENTS (Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper), God forgives sin and strengthens faith.

Our invitation to you

We are convinced from the Word of God and from experience that peace and hope and joy – the kind that can sustain us in times of fear or sorrow or despair – can be found only in a faith relationship with Jesus Christ. In Him, we know that we are precious to God … that we are never alone or forgotten … that there is relief from the burden of guilt … that death is not the end … and that eternal life is not only possible but certain.

We invite you to know and to celebrate this with us at Mountainside Lutheran Church.